We have focused the world specifically Pakistan and India. The million user apps are launched with free of cost for all users keeping in mind the level of poverty. The infrastructure is very important in modern technology, so we try to provide offline facilities. We have launched English to Urdu dictionary offline. It contain hundreds of thousands words and its meaning. English learning like English speaking and pronunciation made easy. User can learn English via video lectures.

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Camera is not enough for photography, camera generates raw pictures and photography apps (Photo Editors) make them beautiful. The more advance photography app is, the more coding required like NDK to handle big size pictures. Every smart phone contain camera but not photo editing apps. We have big photo editing tools to enhance photos.

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Personal data security becoming more important than physical security. Hackers can get your private data like credit card numbers and pins. Hackers easily get your secrete data. We are developing apps of virtual private network so you stay safe while using internet. We have proxy servers that helps you to surf internet anonymously. Many countries have blocked some apps and websites like WhatsApp, TikTok and torrent sites. Proxy servers will enable you to unblock app apps and sites in your country.

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Travel & Local

While traveling to different countries the most prevailing issue is language barrier. Language interpreter play important role here. What about the app if it helps you to understand foreign language. Voice to voice translator is simple yet powerful voice interpreter. It can translate more than 100 languages easily.

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Business tools

To be a smart businessman you always need technology to automate processes. Here is the app that store whole business documents in soft form. You can print them out or share as PDF. Document e-signing is quite easy with this business tool. This app also free for all users. Optical Character Recognition technology made easy to get text from PDF documents.

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Entertainment apps are the most downloaded category all over the world as reported by “appannie”. Body editing tool is mostly used as entertainment to reshape any person figure for fun.

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See the challenges we face

We simply develop amazing apps

The era we are living is ever changing, nothing is stable. Trends are changing, demands are changing hence development is ever changing. Development shifted java to kotlin, eclips to android studio, NDK, Flutter and even android versions. Design pattern are changed to material design.

Native libraries, dependencies, SDK plugins are changed to plug and play scenario. Android permission in above nugget android versions is big change. Long running backend services is new challenge in development.

With the time mobile user psychology and demand is changing. Now user love to have smaller app size with abundant features like all in one. Material design helps in attractive and light weight apps development. Study shows apps with proper animation transitions effects get higher user retention.

More than 5000 apps are published on Play Store in a day. Nearly 3M apps are already published on Play Store to date March 2020. So ASO is not alone enough for grabbing installs. Valued user is very difficult to find now a days.